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SMS 500, SMS 700, SMS 1000


The Super Magnet Sealer is a highly reliable, efficient and user-friendly sealer. The magnet based operation means that you need only to close the seal arm; after the seal is made, the arm is automatically raised again. With this high-quality industrial sealer, in combination with the various accessories available, you will be able to find a solution for all your packaging needs.

The standard SMS are equipped with a cutting device, magnet operation and individual adjustable seal and cool time. All models can be used either vertically or horizontally and with the use of the available accessories can be tailored to the individual application, enabling fast and continuous bag making and/or pre-packing.

SMS 500/ 500 GW/ 500 D/ 500 D/PN Specification

SMS 700/ 700 GW/ 700 D/ 700 D/PN Specification

SMS 1000/ 1000D Specifications

SMS Options

SMS option: D

Similar to the standard SMS machine but equipped with upper and lower heating jaws. On/off switch for lower heating jaw only. For sealing thick foils and other materials which are difficult to seal.

SMS option: GW

Made as a standard SMS machine, however provided with: 0.7mm seal wire, foil opener and foil perforator. The thin sealing line completes seal and cut in one motion. To be used in combination with a plate sealer or a hot-air blower. Specially designed for the manufacture of shrink-wrapped packaging.

SMS option: PN

Similar to the standard SMS machine but equipped with pneumatic operation via an air cylinder and an electrically operated foot pedal. External air supply: 6 Bar.

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