Hand Vacuum Sealer

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It has a controlled heat-seal timer and an automatic over heat warning indicator. The sealer is energy efficient, compact & portable in size. Very simple to operate. No compressor is needed. It gives a 2 line seal. It has superior vacuum ability and can seal the openings of all kinds of plastic bags. The machine is energy efficient, compact and portable in size, and is very simple to operate. It can seal ordinary plastic bags or composite plastic food bags made of foil and/or wax paper.

Vacuum packed products can be prevented from oxidation, molding , insects , moisture and rust, thus extending the storage period. When foods are vacuum packed and stored in the refrigerator They retain their freshness, nutritional value, and flavor for a much longer time This machine is ideal for stores, restaurants, and offices making nice neat sealed packages for your convenience and your customers. Sealed documents are tamper-proof and save.


  • Medicine

  • Electronic components

  • Camera equipments

  • Jewelry

  • Fresh/ dried fruits

  • Tea & spices

  • Meat & vegetables

  • Documents

  • Etc.