Portable Impulse Tong Sealers

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Type 40D, Type 60D

Impulse generator specification

Sealing tong specification


Especially used for airtight and damp proof sealing of all articles in plastic films, for the manufacture of tarpaulins, shrinking caps and large packing by seam to seam sealing and for closing bags and sacks made of thermoplastic films. Different sizes of sealing tongs available


  • Operates on thermal impulse

  • Easy and flexible handling for sealing products of all sizes

  • Long lengths can be easily joined together using seam-on-seam sealing.

  • Adjustable sealing time with regulator switch and electronically controlled

  • Light indicator of sealing process

  • Automatic control of sealing bar temperature

  • Constant tong pressure results in presentable sealing results

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