• Feed and seed bagging

  • Pet food manufacturing

  • Charcoal bagging

  • Fertilizer and chemical packaging

  • Produce and potato bagging

  • Mailing envelope sealing

  • Textile end-joining

  • Carpet manufacturing

  • Road construction (geotextile) fabric joining


MK Pack, Model EMK introduces several important new features, including a controlled lubrication system, 2-position needle bar support, and a chrome-plated feed dog.

The new closer’s unique internal demand oiling system allows the user to lubricate every rotating is sliding surface as the machine is used. An internal reservoir holds lubricant which is distributed to bearing surfaces by a pump and internal manifold system. This design insures that oil reaches all critical friction areas.

This closer handles all types of paper, textile, polypropylene and polyethylene bags with ease. The unit is simple to operate, even for a beginner, and closes a typical 100 lb. bag in less than six seconds.

Reliable and efficient MK Pack bag closers are useful for all kinds of packaging applications. Designed and built in the US, these rugged units have been proven under a variety of conditions at locations all over the world.

Specially designed bearings contribute to performance and dependability, and the new hardened feed dog extends operational life, even on abrasive sewing surfaces.

The Model EMK closer housing is cast and machined to close tolerances. Hardened steel components are used throughout the machine, and closer components are subject to individual quality control measurements before assembly.

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