MK 9C with pedestal

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  • Unique pedestal design that’s compact, easy to move, and minimizes vibration while maximizing performance. With its corrosion resistant finish, the system can be used in the most demanding industrial environments and conditions.

  • Compact pedestal design with casters minimizes vibration and makes the system easy to move.

  • Corrosion resistant finish makes it suitable for used in the most demanding industrial environments and conditions.

  • Vertical height of sewing head can be adjusted easily with a handle to suit your bags height

  • The bag closing system features a carrier table with ergonomically correct position for easy loading and unloading of bags, and an anti-derailing and automatic return device. The table returns automatically to home position when you remove the closed bag from the table.

  • The tape folder automatically guides and positions the crepe tape at the top of the bag mouth to ensure a securely sewn bag closure.

  • Stationary sewing head provides an attractive, stable and consistent finished product

  • The self-lubricating internal oiling system continuously filtered to maximize performance and extend life.

  • Easy operation with foot pedal control.

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