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Semi Auto Desk Cup Sealing Machine

Semi auto desk cup sealing machine


Heavy Duty Vertical Continuous Band Sealer

Heavy duty Vertical Continuous Band Sealer


Portable hand sealer

KF-772DH, KF-150CS, KF-150PS

Impulse Auto Sealer

Impulse Auto Sealer

Foot Impulse Sealer

Foot Impulse Sealer

Direct Heat Sealing PFS-D400, PFS- D450, PFS-D500

Hand Wrapper

Hand Wrapper

KF - 450 HW

Super Magnet Sealer

Super Magnet Sealer

SMS 500, SMS 700, SMS 1000

Portable Impulse Tong Sealers

Type 40D, Type 60D

Rotary Sealer


Impulse sealer

FR-200, FR-300, FR-300C with character printing, FR-400 with cutter, FR-500, FR-600, FR-700

Portable Band Sealer

Band Sealer